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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Inlaws are Coming! The Inlaws are Coming!

Yes, the Inlaws are coming to spend the weekend with us.  This is a good thing...my inlaws are not the evil, stereotypical inlaws, they are nice and I love them!  I was very worried that I'd end up with EVIL inlaws.  I was living in Germany, Jeff was in Georgia and we flew to Maine to get married (almost 15 years ago!)  I met Jeff's family the day before we got married...Leonard, Helen, brother Steve and sister Julie flew in the day before and Jeff's grandparents drove (from Iowa...it took 5 days of driving for them to get to Maine!)  Right before I left Germany, I watched some talk show...Sally Jessy, Oprah, Maury (this was before Maury was all about finding the right baby-daddy) ... anyways, it was about EVIL inlaws.  I was afraid I would end up with EVIL inlaws...however that wasn't the case...they're great!

Soooo...with Leonard and Helen coming into town, I have a menu planned for the weekend.  I'm trying new recipes (one is in the crock pot now!) as well as tried and true ones. 

BBQ beef sandwiches
cole slaw

Saturday Breakfast
Amish Breakfast Casserole (new recipe)

Saturday Lunch
Eating out

Saturday Dinner or Supper (that's a post for another day)
Grilled Chicken
Grilled veggies and asparagus
Grilled potatoes

Sunday Breakfast
Cinnamon Rolls

Sunday Dinner/Lunch (again, another post for another day)
Baked fish
Boiled potatoes
Green beans or broccoli, I haven't decided

I'm baking a pan of strawberry/rhubarb crunch for dessert during the weekend

Yumm!  Should be a great weekend with great company and great food!

Enjoy your day~


  1. I like the sound of Amish Breakfast Casserole...share??

  2. I am blessed with wonderful in laws too. Your menu sounds amazing. I need to get organized like this.

  3. And I too am blessed with wonderful in-laws! Gotta love those Dunlap folk! :-) Whenever my in-laws visit, Barb and I talk about food and cooking most of the time and I always use them as my guinea pigs because they are always up for trying something new (LOVE that about them!). We both get several of the Taste of Home magazines so we're always talking about the recipes we've read about and what we've tried and comparing notes. We're all about egg casseroles in the Amsberry family, Barb and I are always trying new ones - even after almost 19 years of me being in the family. Jill and Gabriel are vegetarians so when we're all together, we always make a meatless one and I have found that I prefer them over the ones with meat. We made one at Christmas that was absolutely wonderful - it had asparagas, onion, and peppers in it that were sauteed (sp.?) in olive oil with garlic. I know that we used swiss cheese and maybe cheddar too. Unfortunately I'm the only one at my house that liked it. :-(

    These recipes are AWESOME! Thanks so much for posting them and for blogging! I just recently bought some Ken's Steakhouse dressing and loved it so I went back and bought a bunch more. We've always been a Kraft family. My favorite is the Lite Caesar - it's absolutely delicious and is the best store-bought Caesar dressing I've ever had.