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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy (and cheap) Wine Punch

So on Friday night, I hosted Bunco for a great group of girls.  Once a month we get together and throw the dice in hopes for winning some money at the end of the night.  More often than not, I go home in the hole.  But that's OK...  I have fun...  Our group has been playing for 3 years now and we have a great time each month.  The hostess provides the drinks, so I made hot chocolate (see other post) and wine punch.  The wine punch is easy to make and everyone likes it...besides it's cheap, too!

Doesn't get much cheaper than Strawberry Hill!
Easy Wine Punch

1 bottle Boone's Farm Wine (OK, I know it's not really wine, but it makes it sound classy)
1 container frozen juice concentrate, thawed
7-Up or Sprite

Mix the "wine" and the juice concentrate together.  Pour into a gallon Ziploc type bag and place in the freezer. 

When ready to serve, fill a cup with the "wine" slush (about 3/4 full) and top with 7-Up.  Enjoy~

You can use any kind of flavor combinations.  Boone's Farm comes in lots of flavors, as does juice concentrate.  I usually use 5-Alive, but be creative and enjoy!  This is really good on a hot day...or on a cold day...or a warm day...or... well, you get the picture!  :)

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