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Monday, January 24, 2011


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Ok...my to do list is a mile long today...and here I am blogging.

1.  I made a new chicken recipe last night.  The blog I got the recipe from said it was the best chicken, evah.  Um, no.  It wasn't TLS (Tastes Like S***), but close.

2.  I have a professional development session that I'm giving this afternoon.  Do I have my handouts done?  My powerpoint?  My activities?  Um, no.  Instead, I've been thinking hard and coming up with a game plan looking for better chicken recipes than the one I tried last night.

3.  It's cold out and I'd like to have BBQ chicken for supper.  However, it's cold out and I don't want to scrape the ice/snow off the grill and try and grill in the cold.  Besides, I won't get home from the super engaging, best evah professional development session in time to grill.

4.  I really need to get busy, but wait!  I just found another cool recipe to try!  :)

Have a great day~

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  1. ooh! Got to love a good chicken recipe :) My favorite is a very basic method from Simple Fresh Southern by the Lee Bros I wrote it out as a Facebook note here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=482598466355
    Hope you find a good one and post the link next Monday!