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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kindred Connection from Windy Poplars

 Kindred Connection
So I follow a blog called "Windy Poplars."  Today, is "Kindred Connection" day where you answer questions and post a link to your blog.  So here are my answers.  Check out her blog...it's pretty cool! 

1. What is your favorite ethnicity of food?
Hmmmm, tough one.  I don't know if I can just pick one...German, Italian, American, Mexican, Mediterranean....  If I had to pick one, I guess it would be German!

2. If you could eat only one meal for two weeks straight, what would it be?
 Two weeks is a long time...  I'm thinking I could do spaghetti or grilled chicken...even Cheerios for a week.  Two??  That's pushing it!  
3.What is the "signature" dish that you cook? (you know, that always receives rave reviews and/or you get requests for)
 I have 2...spaghetti with homemade sauce and Company Chicken, which is a recipe that is loaded with calories, but is soo, soo good.  I usually make it on special occasions...like company!

4. Is there something that you just can't handle eating - like gag reflex?
 Blue cheese will make me vomit.  I am serious.  Don't bring blue cheese around me unless you'd like me to run to the bathroom.

5. Do you think that the Kindred Connection should continue through the summer, or take the summer off?
 This is my first Kindred Connection, so I vote YES!  This is cool!  This is neat!  Let's do it in the summer!  :)


  1. Just stopping by from the Kindred Connection- Company Chicken sounds very interesting, I am curious what that is? Hope you're having a great Wednesday!

  2. Hi Jen~ Thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars and joining in the Kindred Connection today! Loved reading your answers :-) My hubby is part German, so we love some cabbage and sausage as much as the next German guy, but other than that, we don't eat much "German" food. What are some things that you like? I'd love to cook more heritage food for him! - Also was excited to read your hummus recipe. I feel the same way: love it! Don't love the price. Haven't been happy w/ recipes I've tried. I'll have to bookmark yours and give it a whirl! Do you make your own tahini (I REALLY hate how much that costs)? Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday so far!

  3. I think my favorite ethnic food is Mexican food and if I had to eat any food for two weeks it would be tacos and my Mexican rice. I know I really surprised you with my wide choices of food.